Cleaning Line with clever design twists might just win your heart

Cleaning Line Broom 1

Cleaning Line is a collection of cleaning tools that takes you by surprise with its utilitarian design tweaks. The picture below was the first that caught our attention and almost instantly we were fascinated by it! Called the Broom Groomer Pro, it not only functions smartly but can be stored using up minimum space.

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3DAround lets you capture and view food photographs in 3D

3daround app 3d food photography

There’s no shying away from the fact that we love taking pictures of food. It could be home made or street food or something, that’s divine enough to get hold of our cameras and take the finest possible impression of the tantalizing treat. Now how about capturing the same in 3D, so you can enjoy a 360º view of it on your phone? Sounds fun? Then read on.

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