Recycled ‘Garbage’ Lamps

You never knew lamps could sprout from almost any object until you laid eyes upon these exquisite pieces. Be it a stove, a top-hat with telephone, kettle, or even an oil-can in conjunction with pastry molds, each piece instantly strikes a chord with us. The light fixtures in addition to making a unique statement at times, drive you nostalgic.

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Labware Lighting reminds you of Chemistry Labs

Did you enjoy the smell of the Chemistry laboratories? If you really enjoyed working with the chemicals and never had problems with whatever the chemicals smelled, then you rightfully have a chemist inside you. These lighting options might make you feel in the laboratory again with all sorts of flask lighted up and that too so aesthetically.

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Recycled Tube Lights make a stylish indoor decor


We have been recently seeing a variety of lamps made from recycled materials. Not only the styles look unique, but the very thought of the discarded materials being reused showcases as to how individuals are trying to make such awesome effort for the environment. Today we have burnt-out tube lights or you may say fluorescent tubes grouped together into lamp forms using steel, rubber and certain hardware.

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Mushroom Lamps with a panache


If you love to look at amazing forms and get bewildered at what different designers perceive and interpret skillfully, then hop on. Some of the products we have already included here, for their different styles are flash drives, lamps, mouse devices and clocks. Today we thought of sharing these beautiful mushroom lamps that look like a part of fairyland.

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