ColorUp Lamp can change its color to the likeness of any object

colorup table lamp 1

You have heard about chameleons changing color to blend with the surroundings? But how about lamps doing something similar? Sounds interesting? Then take note of this ColorUp lamp which magically replicates the color of any object or surface you want.

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Lucid Stead treats you to a magical optical display


Lucid Stead is a beautiful picturesque story, involving an abandoned 70 year old structure, located in Joshua Tree, California. For the project it went through a spectacular transformation using mirrors and LEDs, to let observers enjoy a peaceful journey of optical experiences, engaging both natural and artificial lights.

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Photovoltaic Flashlight for campers can brighten up space, no matter how you position it


Doesn’t the Photovoltaic Flashlight kind of reminds us of our childhood favorite kaleidoscope, that used to make us wonder about the patterns formed as we kept on rotating it? Actually this very structure has something to do with its functionality. Read on to learn more.

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Gangnam Style Light Show for Christmas

Do you think you are looking at a house with beautiful Christmas light decorations? You are absolutely correct but there’s more to it. John Storms, the resident and a light enthusiast has added to the awesomeness by creating a gorgeous LED light show that vibrates with the rhythm of South Korean singer PSY’s uber-famous Gangnam Style that you simply need to watch and enjoy!

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Switch Socket lets you cut off the power supply without pulling out the cord

Vampire power is an annoyance for homes since it adds up to a considerable sum in the utility bills when accounted annually. Additionally it is a terrific waste of energy. Again no one would like to pull out each and every power cord of the household appliances when not in use? There seems to be a way out with Switch Socket though.

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