Ferrofluid Magician is an interactive product to keep you scientifically entertained

ferrofluid magician 1

If science projects are something that excite you then this Ferrofluid Magician will definitely make you happy. What does it do? Well, it sits on your desk quietly… but when summoned by you, the little character keeps you entertained with cool tricks!

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Sea Shells office organiser is inspired by mussels


As a way of celebrating marine life, their various shapes, vivid colors and the way they procure food, Office Organiser Sea Shells were born. Crafted in the shape of mussels, the Sea Shells not only hold on to paper clips using magnet but also separate into halves to grasp papers or photos.

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Baby food jars turn into magnetic Spice Holders!


If you enjoy cooking with a variety of flavors then you might have encountered the annoying task of locating the correct spice container from the cabinet. So how about something new that gets you past the usual conundrum? Enter the baby food Spice Jars that can be stuck to the refrigerator.

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