Scientists have found a new method to build Organs with Biological Building Blocks

All of us are well acquainted with building blocks [like lego bricks], using which it is possible to create and build various structures, big or small. Researchers from MIT [Harvard Division of Health Sciences and Technology] have created little biological bricks which can also be ‘stacked’ one upon another to create shapes, forms and structures associated with the human body.

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10 minute Rechargeable Electric Car from MIT


MIT has always been the most pioneering place for breakthroughs in technology. Innovation there never ends. Now they have come up with a technology that can fully recharge your electric car in just 10 minutes! This is not a concept, as the technology is actually going to be implemented in the 2010 Mercury Milan shown above.

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MIT to design environment friendly aircraft by 2030

NASA wanted some assistance from other bright people for designing aircrafts of the future. A group of people/scientists from MIT have been chosen. They have till 2030 and a funding of $2 million to help achieve NASA’s goals. As of now MIT professor, Edward Greitzer has come with the following exterior design. Next comes how to make the airplane more ‘greener’ and environment friendly. We plan to keep you posted on this.

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