Hitachi’s new display can top Apple’s Retina Display

If you think Apple’s Retina is simply awesome and can show laser-sharp images, then you would certainly like Hitachi’s new IPS LCD mobile screen. At a whopping 720×1280 in resolution, Hitach’s new display is even sharper and brighter than that of iPhone 4’s. The display has a 329 dpi (dots-per-inch) versus iPhone 4’s 326 dpi. Not to forget you also get a significantly larger screen view at 4.5 inches versus 3.5 inches of that of the iPhone.

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Cellphone with translucent color-display from Lenovo

We have seen cell phones from Sony and Samsung with translucent screens in the past. However this is the first from Lenovo. The S800 will feature a translucent display alright, but will also provide full-color rendering. To be honest this is unheard of, and therefore Lenovo stresses that this technology is still a concept. Well, concept or not, we would love to see something like this as soon as possible!

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Android becomes the second most popular mobile OS in the world

Well…this was inevitable. Gartner’s smartphone stats for the third quarter shows that Android accounts for 25.5% of worldwide smartphone sales. This makes it the second most popular mobile OS worldwide, ahead of iOS, Blackberry OS and others. So I guess it is just a matter of time when this powerful OS takes over the no. 1 spot.

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Microsoft gives away 89,000 Windows Mobile 7 to its employees

Every employee of Microsoft will get a new Windows Mobile 7 phone. That’s a real good way to show appreciation, as well ensure that employees stay focused on the new mobile OS. Does this mean any MS employee who is a fan of Android or the iPhone, will abandon their current phone? Well…probably not.