Citrus Moon Cake Gift Box showcases different phases of the moon

citrus moon gift box 1

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? And when gifts are prepared with an added presentation element to it, it gets all the more fascinating. Take for example the Moon Festival Gift Box. Inside it, one can find cakes packed as the different phases of the moon, celebrating our one and only moon!

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Airless Metal Mesh tires to be used in the Moon

The new generation of tires from Goodyear and NASA is completely airless. Instead they have been created from 800 interwoven load bearing springs. Of course these tires are planned to be used on moon and not exactly on earth. Tires made from rubber are affected by heat, cold, and solar radiation, which shouldn’t be a problem for these metal mesh tires at all.

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Japan to send two-legged robot to the moon by 2015

Ambitious as it may sound, as per YomiuriOnline, Japan is planning to send a two-legged robot (a biped) to the moon as early as 2015. Japan is widely known for robots of various types and has been tremendously successful in this area, so expecting something like this in the next 5 years may be possible. The project is estimated at $10.5 million (approx).

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Saturn’s Moon is the most promising supporter of Extra-Terrestrial Life


Scientists have confirmed that the sixth largest moon of Saturn, called Enceladus, is probably the most promising bet for extra-terrestrial life. The conclusion is based on the temperature as well as the likely presence of water on the moon. And it is long assumed…where there is water, there is life.

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