Nokia N900 reported to run Android 2.2 very ‘smoothly’

Whether you would agree or not, Nokia N900 is still the most powerful mobile phone in the list of zillion phones manufactured by the Finnish giant. And most phone geeks will almost certainly agree that this particular phone is a hacker’s paradise. As if just to further prove that, a hacker tried to run Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo. And guess what? It runs pretty well. The hardware support was pretty neat and so was the web browsing.

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Nokia N900 becomes a reality, available from October 2009


Nokia N900’s rumors have been floating around for a long time now. Finally the Finnish giant made things official. Nokia N900 is to be launched in selected markets sometime in October 2009. Make no mistake…this device is a fully functional mobile phone (sans it’s size) and is officially the first Maemo 5-powered handset ever.

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