Ohhio Braid is a flexible material to weave chunky creations for your home

ohhio braid 1

If you are interested in DIY projects, then you might like to try your hands at this. What we have here is a crafts material called Ohhio Braid, which lets you weave different flexible forms like throws, mats, baskets etc. to be placed around your home. And even cozy beds for pets, just as can be seen in the images.

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CocaCola now to use PlantBottle packaging for their drinks



CocaCola for some selected markets will be rolling out their branded beverages in PlantBottles, which are special PET plastic bottles different from the regular ones. These bottles are supposed to be manufactured from petroleum-based products and 30% plant based materials [from sugar cane and molasses].By the end of 2010 they are thinking of producing 2 billion of these special PET plastic bottles.

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Pet Cam for the Man’s best friend


You may have seen several types of cams in various shapes and sizes. But have you actually seen a cam exclusively for your beloved pet? Check out this digital camera that can take upto 40 photos to document your pet’s whereabouts.  The camera actually takes photos at every 1, 5 or 15 minute intervals. Considering the image quality being 640×480, you definitely will not be disappointed.

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A step towards cleaner earth by Envirobank’s reverse Vending Machines


Vending machines and foodies…the equation just strikes right and you know about it, so what’s new? Last time we came across a vending machine, it was about the pizza making machine…yes the machine that make pizzas, remember it?  If it’s news for you, then hold on as there’s now a new type of vending machine that doesn’t cater food. So what does it do?

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Treadmill for the Doggies


A balanced diet and some amount of exercise according to one’s needs is always recommended for maintaining a good health. Some people opt for a walk in the open while others prefer losing the fat at the gym. They have a choice, whether it be outdoor activities or indoors. Now our faithful pets also have a choice for some indoor walk. Yes that’s what this dog is doing, getting in shape with the canine treadmill.

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