Sponsored Video: Watch how Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 stays intact after impact!

Today’s life is technology driven. So it’s no wonder that we rely on it completely. One such technological marvel, without which we simply cannot do is our smart phone. So it becomes important to keep it working all along and lessen chances of damage to it, if any.

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Funny ‘Taking Control’ Wall Art


Monday mornings could make you feel lousy. With the whole week ahead of you… determining the goals that need to be achieved plus planning necessary strategies to meet with expectations… everything could seem getting out of control. So here’s a cheerful wall art to keep you upbeat!

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Elephant at West Midlands Safari Park takes a selfie


The story goes that when tourist Scott Brierley was taking selfies at a drive through elephant enclosure he accidentally dropped his phone. He never went to retrieve the phone so it lay there for some time. The phone caught the attention of Latabe, a 22 year elephant, who upon getting the chance managed to click a picture of itself !

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Sponsored Video: Virgin Media Business unveils the Three New Things!

A few days ago we had been discussing about Virgin Media Business‘s exciting competition, that was all set to introduce three game changing innovations, combining technology and brilliant thoughts, for building a better future. Well, the winners have been chosen and here we have those incredible ventures for you to read through.

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‘FLAG’ app prints and even mails photos for free


If you enjoy taking photographs you are very likely to share them. And from the whole pack you might like to have some printed too, may be for yourself or for your loved ones. Flag is an app for phones and tablets that promises to let you select 20 of your favorite pics, print them and send them to their destinations for free. Yes FREE as in FREE.

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