Meet Ulo, the cute home monitoring Owl


This little owl is called Ulo. It has been designed to be a proactive entity, primarily monitoring activities in your home when required. What makes it so endearing is its ability to communicate using different eye expressions, as if it were a real bird. Watch the video and you will see how it is able to bond with the user instantly!

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New selfie from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover provides an eyeful of the landscape


If the term space exploration and images of the same sound exciting to you then you are sure to love this new selfie of Mars rover Curiosity; a photograph put together using several images captured by the Mars Hand Lens Imager [MAHLI] set on the Mars rover’s arm.

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Sponsored Video: Watch how GoCam feat. aBubbl™ lets you click photos with a simple hand gesture!

Snapping pictures digitally and sharing them with our friends and family have become an integral part of our social life. While there are ample options to do so, we look for the fastest, easiest and above all a reliable process for our photo sharing needs. With GoCam feat. aBubbl™, the game changes altogether because with it, you go all ‘touchless’!

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‘FLAG’ app prints and even mails photos for free


If you enjoy taking photographs you are very likely to share them. And from the whole pack you might like to have some printed too, may be for yourself or for your loved ones. Flag is an app for phones and tablets that promises to let you select 20 of your favorite pics, print them and send them to their destinations for free. Yes FREE as in FREE.

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