Yummy pillows for all sweet tooth dreamers


Now who doesn’t love chocolates? Like to dream about them? Then this comfortable “yummy” pillow would just be the right one to put beneath your head and dream about. This is not the only design, to make things more “yummy” infact there are several others. For those interested in having the gourmet variety, there’s a pillow for them too [scroll down for the image].

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Pillows for the Digg, Twitter and Reddit fans


If you are too much into the net then you can’t miss this icon for sure. If you simply like it then you can pretty well get it in the form of a pillow just like the Ctrl-Alt-Del trio. The idea of these ‘iconic’ pillows doesn’t end here because social networking and bookmarking sites are also having a fair share into these comfy forms.

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Reboot your life using the Ctrl + Alt + Del pillows


Had a very bad day? Almost nothing worked out in your favor today? No problem. Just take a light nap resting your head on this Ctrl + Alt + Del pillows and hopefully everything will be fine when you wake up. The pillows have a 12″ size and feature black lettering on a gray background. The best part…they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles !!

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