Gramography Pixel Heart Print includes 55 of your Instagram photos in the shape of a heart


If you can pick 55 photographs from your collection of Instagram photos, then you might like to bring those together to make this awesome wall art. Called the Gramography Pixel Heart Print, it lets your beautiful memories reverberate through a one of a kind heart.

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Pixel Waffle Iron lets you design your waffles


Get creative with your waffles as you make them with the help of the waffle iron called Pixel! Before pouring in the batter, you need to push the dimples of the silicone tray, that comes with it, to create a pattern of your choice. And voila, when you are done, you have a unique waffle to enjoy for your breakfast.

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Crayon art in which a crayon itself becomes a part of the picture

Each one of us associate crayons with our childhood days.We might not even remember but for most of us the very first of our colorful creations had been achieved with these wonderful wax sticks. Christian Faur is an artist who has a similar exciting memory of using crayons when young, and now he finds himself again getting involved with the same in his artistic interpretations.

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Pixel Colored Pencils


Do you think there’s some kind of picture hidden among the colors? Trying to locate one? If you like colors [or enjoy using colors to create pictures] you might as well like and enjoy the concept. This array of multiple colors that look like a collection of pixels are nothing but colored pencils with the pixelated look. As opposed to the regular ones each pencil lengthwise displays altogether a different color scheme.

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