Crispy edible bowls take place of disposable ones to minimize waste build up


When rice is on the menu, bowls are generally used to serve it. But what to do if there’s a ban on plastic usage? For one popular rice oriented meal, KFC in Bangalore, India has introduced tortilla bowls as an alternative to disposable ones. Wondering what the edible bowls look like? Find the picture below.

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Bottle Hanger is a hook attachment for a bottle that makes it portable

bottle hanger plastic hook _1

Bottle Hanger is a concept that lets you carry around plastic beverage bottles easily. The mechanism makes use of two plastic rings, one of which remains on the bottle neck while the other serves as the hook. Using the hook you could hang the bottle either from the belt, bag or even backpack to enjoy a hands-free travel.

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This ‘Thank You’ bag is washable and reusable


Looks familiar? We can never go wrong with the iconic ‘THANK YOU’ design, that is so commonplace and yet has had an important role in our lives. Playing on this very aspect of this handy plastic bag, an artist has created a hand-embroidered version of the same that can be used day after day.

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Hundreds of plastic bottles turn into massive fish sculptures


Simply put, these days we have developed a new perspective for plastic objects, more importantly plastic bottles that we, as people, frequently use and discard. So it feels great to see the very many uses that people around the world employ in reusing the bottles so as to overall lessen the disruptive impact it has on our environment.

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