Bottle Hanger is a hook attachment for a bottle that makes it portable

bottle hanger plastic hook _1

Bottle Hanger is a concept that lets you carry around plastic beverage bottles easily. The mechanism makes use of two plastic rings, one of which remains on the bottle neck while the other serves as the hook. Using the hook you could hang the bottle either from the belt, bag or even backpack to enjoy a hands-free travel.

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Super simple DIY Paper Chess Set for road trips


Check out this neat DIY project that teaches you to easily construct a paper chess set, for enjoying a game or two, while on those boring road trips. What you need are some computer skills, a printer, regular scotch tape, packing tape, scissors and just paper. That’s it!

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PrintBrush, the world’s smallest portable printer


With a size so small, could this really be a printer? Claimed to be the world’s smallest printer in action, this is the PrintBrush that can print full size formats (A4 or letter size)“. This portable printer with no messy wires or cables is capable of printing on any flat surface including fabric and that too without making any sound. To be launched around early 2010, the PrintBrush will be priced at $199.00.

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The Sleek and Smooth Portable Iron

portable iron 1

In today’s fast paced world when traveling seems to be a part of life, portability does become an important factor. Whether be it a gadget or a bath essential, it’s always great if it’s small and comes in a desirable shape that doesn’t hamper with your packing. So here’s a design of a Portable Iron by Apostol Tnokovski, that looks like a neat rectangular box which can change shape to iron up your clothes.

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Portable map projector concept


Most have us have built in GPS in our cellphones, but if you do no like the weird small screen and would like to have a larger map, this portable map projector may be your answer. It is a concept developed by Jin-Sun Park and Seon-Keun Park whose original idea was to eliminate the need for paper maps. We are pretty sure when it comes to portability, this device called the MAPTOR will be hard to beat.

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