Gramography Pixel Heart Print includes 55 of your Instagram photos in the shape of a heart


If you can pick 55 photographs from your collection of Instagram photos, then you might like to bring those together to make this awesome wall art. Called the Gramography Pixel Heart Print, it lets your beautiful memories reverberate through a one of a kind heart.

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Dancing Groot Papercraft to make and own

dancing groot papercraft 1

How about a dancing Groot [Guardians of the Galaxy] for your desk that you can make on your own. Yes, it’s a papercraft and what you need to do is download the design, print it on 4 boards, cut out, fold and then assemble following the instructions provided. That’s it!

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‘Predators’ brings you a charismatic digital portrayal of the wild


Are you simply awestruck by these stunning illustrations! Now who wouldn’t? The exciting series is titled Predators and can be seen to feature creatures of the wild in a gorgeous sculpted fashion exhibiting striking symmetry that’s hard to miss.

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Funny ‘Taking Control’ Wall Art


Monday mornings could make you feel lousy. With the whole week ahead of you… determining the goals that need to be achieved plus planning necessary strategies to meet with expectations… everything could seem getting out of control. So here’s a cheerful wall art to keep you upbeat!

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