This Milk Carton lookalike Birdhouse is made of recycled materials


The striking resemblance of the bird house to a milk carton is not by chance. The shelter made of repurposed elements which includes discarded ply pieces and steel gathered from non functional home appliances, was indeed inspired by the structure of a milk carton and thus the shape.

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Bicycle Taxidermy repurposes your beloved companion in style


What a wonderful way to keep alive the memories of your beloved travel mate! It’s called Bicycle Taxidermy and gives your nonfunctional yet treasured bikes a chance to express your persona by regally displaying the handlebars of the same, that you had relied on, each time you went for a ride.

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Compostable coffee cup from Repurpose makes disposal guilt free


All of us are very much aware of the piling of plastic products in our environment. And considering the number of disposable plates, glass and cutlery that add up to the plastic mess; the sooner the replacements are available, the better. What we have here promises to be both user and environment friendly while making discarding a not so dirty affair.

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Skateboard deck to shoes…the RePly journey

RePly is a concept of using old skateboard decks to build up the high heels of shoes for women. The shape and the material gives an added advantage for re-purposing such wastes, that look beautiful too. This idea comes from Kris Lovett who states that “decks continue to pile up due to the production of over 100,000 decks per month in the United States alone“.

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Oil can cupboard

A few days back we had seen how a suitcase was converted into a liquor cabinet. Today, we have an oil-can re-purposed into a cupboard. The big oil cans/drums called Schrank are handmade in St. Pauli with three shelves and a door [that gets closed with the help of magnets]. The cupboards can also be stacked one upon another and then fastened with a latch if more space is required.

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