Kilobots are a thousand tiny Robots that can team up to form known shapes

harvard kilobots robot swarm

A robot performing tasks is always an exciting watch. Now consider thousands of them working as a team. Sounds fantastic, right? Inspired by collective behavior phenomena found in nature [as in these starlings for instance], scientists at Harvard University have developed a system of tiny robots named Kilobots that can act as a team to mimic such collaborative understanding.

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New selfie from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover provides an eyeful of the landscape


If the term space exploration and images of the same sound exciting to you then you are sure to love this new selfie of Mars rover Curiosity; a photograph put together using several images captured by the Mars Hand Lens Imager [MAHLI] set on the Mars rover’s arm.

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Spider robot to assist in trekking places considered potentially dangerous and inaccessible to human

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA in Germany have developed a spider robot that navigates mimicking the movement of a real spider. The 3D printed robot has been created to provide assistance in reaching places where human intervention is not possible or dangerous as in chemical/industrial accident sites.

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Watch CubeStormer II, the Lego robot beat humans at solving the Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cube could be fun for some, could be interesting for some while for some it can be just a puzzle to while away time with. Although most of us might dread at the thought of a solving a Rubik’s cube, there are a few who can live up to the challenge and make it work at mind blowing speeds.

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