Bionic Drones in 2017 set to be a big thing!

bionic drones _1

If you feel that the drone laws in the UK are a bit too hard, then there’s some good news for you. The concept of bionics has finally been incorporated into flying drones! Bionics is the field of science which simply deals with the study of mechanical systems that replicate living beings or parts of their body. So why not merge this science with one of the most trending electronic gadgets of the 21st century?

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Google and Apple controls almost 90% of US smartphone market

Recent stats from comScore reveals that Google and Apple controls almost 90% of the smartphone market in the US. Microsoft failed to gain any share, instead it dropped from 3.6% to 3%. “Google Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 53.7 percent market share (up 1.1 percentage points), while Apple’s share increased 0.7 percentage points to 35 percent.

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LG sells over 10 million Optimus L-series smartphones

South Korean giant LG recently revealed that the company sold over 10 million Optimus L-series smartphones world-wide. Certainly a proud moment for the company, since very few other companies like (next-door neighbor) Samsung, and Apple are the only ones who achieved this recently.

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