Socket Tools are fun colorful pieces that cover up sockets and plugs

socket tools 1

We, as a society are dependent on gadgets on a daily basis. Be it at home or at work, sockets and plugs can be seen everywhere. That being said, Socket Tools with its creative collection finds this as an opportunity to pep up this electrical space! Read on to know how?

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Switch Socket lets you cut off the power supply without pulling out the cord

Vampire power is an annoyance for homes since it adds up to a considerable sum in the utility bills when accounted annually. Additionally it is a terrific waste of energy. Again no one would like to pull out each and every power cord of the household appliances when not in use? There seems to be a way out with Switch Socket though.

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Elecom’s wall socket USB hub makes space on your desk


Giving a 3D effect to power outlets or making a whole wall look like a power outlet collection were pretty innovative ideas, but you need to take a closer look at these black and white duo before thinking these as some designer outlets. These are neat USB hubs that have a very striking resemblance to the outlets we usually see.

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