The beautiful Sony Xperia Z

Although Sony hasn’t been quite successful like Samsung in selling Android-based smartphones, they do make good quality phones. And here’s a new addition to their portfolio. Welcome the beautiful Xperia Z, which features a stunning 5” Full HD (1080p) Reality Display and is powered by the Snapdragon™ S4 Pro quad-core processor.

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Sony PSP2 to feature OLED touchscreen and 3G data

The next PSP, a.k.a. PSP2, will feature an OLED touchscreen as well as 3G wireless connectivity. It will also have a larger screen size and may be powered by Android. The device is scheduled to be launched on January 27, as reported by Japanese news network Nikkei. (The above photo is a concept image and does not reflect the original product)

Sony sells 4.1 million PlayStation Move units in just 2 months

Looks like Microsoft isn’t the only one who is enjoying selling game controllers. Although XBox Kinect is selling very well, so is Sony’s PlaySation “Move” controller. Today Sony announced that the company sold over 4.1 million units of “Move” in just 2 months, since its launch. The figure indicates worldwide sales.

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PlayStation Phone revealed, confirmed launch in 2011

What you see above is a gamers dream. It is not a hoax nor a “Photoshopped” image. It is for real, and is called the PlayStation Phone. Yes, we know it is hard to believe, but Sony recently revealed the gadget and the folks at Engadget managed to get a few pics of the prototype.

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Sony Ericsson to launch 3D gaming smartphone that looks like PSP Go, but powered by Android 3.0

If you thought that Android is no match for iOS when it comes to 3D gaming, then you are probably right. Let’s all be honest here…the gaming world in Android hasn’t quite ‘taken off’ yet. But a recent tip from a ‘trusted source’ for Engadget claims that Sony Ericsson is about to launch a gaming-smartphone, almost a PSP Go replica, but with a phone built-in and powered by Android 3.0 (Gingerbread).

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