Kreafunk aGlow is a speaker, light and power source all in one !

kreafunk aglow speaker 1

How many times have you found yourself caught short when you need a power source? It’s happened to us all. If you’re short on plugs, particularly when you’re traveling, the Kreafunk “aGlow” device could be a good solution. It claims to be a speaker, power bank, and light all in one. So you get the convenience of a power bank, combined with a Bluetooth speaker as well as a lamp.

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Get Ready for the Musical Storm Trooper and Darth Vader

Recognize them? Oh! Of course who wouldn’t? Like to fancy them as walking and speaking robots…wouldn’t it be wonderful then? Storm Trooper and Darth Vader in this form might not speak their language in their custom voices, but would surely entertain you by escalating the sound of your favorite music, because what you see are speakers in disguise.

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Rotaliana Diva Lamp and Music System


So here’s again another lamp with a pretty unique design. Not only the looks make it cool, but so does its functionality. The Diva lamp and music system from Rotaliana includes all. Featuring a soothing LED lamp for your desk it also has a docking station for your iPod or iPhone. When you don’t need the lamp or iPod it also functions as a speaker system for “a connected computer, mp3 or CD player“.

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Wireless bathroom speakers – A perfect companion for your iPod


Do you love taking showers everyday when you come back home from work? How about putting a gadget inside the bathroom and enjoy listening to a soothing music while you are taking the bath? Check out the Wireless Bathroom Speakers that might be the answer to the solution. This splash proof speaker uses wireless technology that allows you to listen to your favorite music right from you iPod /MP3 player placed in some other room.

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Unique Nest Shaped Speakers Add Decor To The Room


Think about speakers and you get a wide variety of designs [ladybug, balloon, glass, cube] to choose from. Speaker designs are aplenty and but what can be done with the messy cables that are attached to them? As a solution these speakers have been created to utilize the cables as a form of decor so that they just don’t look out of place.

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