Candlestrip, a fanciful blend of the past and present

If you simply love to startle your friends and guests with unique decors for your rooms then this Candlestrip is sure to freak them out! The candles are in the form of power plugs attached to a resin base which looks like a power strip. Yes, you could brighten up your party with this twisting blend of the past and the present.

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Foldable ultra-slim stand, a must have for all iPhone fans


If you cannot live without your iPhone or iPod Touch and use it for watching long videos or movies, then look no further. Here’s a must have GoGoStand made with plastic which easily fits into your wallet. Simple and smart in design, this stand lets you place the iPhone in the appropriate position when you want to watch videos/movies. That’s not all, the GoGoStand has three different viewing angles to choose from.

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Leave it on BatRest, Sit back and Enjoy


“It is  a bat”. “No, it is a thermoplastic”. Well it’s a support! Okay no more guesses. It’s a bat-shaped stand suitable for the iPhone family made of durable polypropylene. Thus it indicates no more stress on the arms or on the creative brain for upright positioning of the screen for such gadgets.

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