R2-D2 measuring cup set assists you to cook up some Star Wars magic in your kitchen


Look who’s back to help you again! Yes, R2-D2 is here to make your meal routine a breeze. How? Well, it serves as a utilitarian measuring cup set that can be dismantled into 4 cups and 4 spoons complete with necessary measurements, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience.

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Millenium Falcon Guitar sounds and lights up too


This custom built electric guitar showcases the Star Wars spaceship Millenium Falcon in a way you might have not imagined. With droid R2D2 as the headstock and a plastic Millenium Falcon toy making up the body, the special guitar has been equipped with hyperdrive lights at the back too.

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Star Wars origami

Star Wars fans have always been active in finding new ways, to show their genuine dedication to the epic film series, and its characters. So here’s a new one…a complete series of origami created, based on the movies’ famous characters and space fighters! All of these have been created by Starwarigami’s Martin Hunt.

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