Flipsters are collapsible flip flops which can be easily stuffed in your bag

High heels and stilettos are fun but at lengths your feet can hurt. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something flat to slip into to let your feet rest for a while? So have a look at the Flipsters, which are folding flip flops that can be shoved right into your bag and carried around.When out of their pouch, Flipsters are slightly larger than an Apple iPhone – measuring just 14cm at their longest point.

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Step into and Ride – The Luxury way


Does this pair have a glimpse of  something that you are already acquainted with? You need to take a closer look at the accessories of these smoking hot heels to guess. Difference between the inspired and inspiration is just their navigating capabilities….the former needs cautious steps one at a time for the perfect tread while the latter just goes zoom.

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