Nokia teams up with Microsoft, decided to go with Windows Phone 7

Well, this was kind of expected. Nokia has finally decided to team up with Microsoft. So expect to see some new Nokia smartphones powered by Windows Phone 7 soon. So I guess Symbian’s fate is now more or less sealed. This certainly helps Microsoft as well. Nokia being the world’s largest mobile phone maker can surely help Microsoft compete better.

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Android is now the world’s most popular smartphone platform

Android is now the world’s most popular smartphone platform. According to the recent data from Canalys, the mobile OS has surpassed Nokia/Symbian’s share of 30.6%. With an overall market share of 32.9% and 33.3 million unit shipments (for Q4 2010), Android is now second to none. Meanwhile Apple’s iOS is third on the list with 16% market share and 16.2 million shipments (for Q4 2010).

Symbian becomes completely open source, takes its last stance against Android

The world’s most popular mobile OS officially becomes open source, starting today. This widely used OS which powers more than 330 million mobile phones was developed for more than 10 years and now it finally becomes available for free. Although parts of the source code in the OS was made open source in 2008, this time it is different. Now any developer can download the code, modify and use it however they want.

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