Photo Moto, the Volkswagen Bus turned Photo Booth on wheels


Photo Moto is a mobile photo booth that was brought into its lovely existence by reviving a 1978 Volkswagen Bus. It functions by responding to invitations; be it parties, weddings or any gathering , allowing all enthusiastic participants to have their photo taken.

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Meet the Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots!


Mornings beginning with cookies and a glass of milk sound exciting! But how about having milk from a cookie glass itself? What you see in the above picture is exactly that. Any guesses as who could have thought about this wonder? Remember Cronut…!!!

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The Texas shaped House!


The map of the USA has been an inspiration to many ideas. There was a Jell-O map, a bookshelf and even skillets to make all state shaped delicacies. But how about an entire house that happens to resemble a state of the USA? Believe it or not, a Texas shaped house exists! For those who want to compare here’s a map for your convenience.

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