Biscuit USB flash drive, just make sure you don’t eat it


Flash drives have come a long way in every shapes and sizes. We have already given several examples, here’s one more. Check out the Biscuit USB flash drive, which actually looks like a real biscuit put together (as the name suggests). The device also has a red LED indicator which turns on when the flash drive is in operation.

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USB thumb drive breaks the 256GB barrier


My first USB thumb drive was a Kingston 64MB which I bought in sometime early 2003. I was a proud owner and remember people asking me about the price and where I got it from. Things have changed drastically since then. Kingston just launched their newest thumb drive with a whooping capacity of 256 GB. Imagine that!

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The Real Key Drives


Hopefully you never mix up your flash drives with your keys. How could you? The only thing they share are just the word ‘key’. You had already been carrying a bunch of keys figuring out which one is for the door and which for the locker when LaCie brings before you a key-shaped storage solution, that are actually “key” drives! How ironic!

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