6-in-1 Solar Robot Kit – A perfect gift for any whiz kid


Solar energy has found its way even in toys. Looks like the widespread acceptance of the technology is taking over the world. Well that’s good news. So check out the 6-in-1 Solar Robot Kit. The device allows you to construct 6 different robots “which means once you’ve finished making one robot, you can take it apart and turn it into a solar powered boat, windmill, or car and that’s just 3 of them.

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Uber-cute Iron Man from Japan


Iron Man is one of the most popular super-hero of all time, who became even more popular after the Hollywood movie was released in 2008. Iron Man toys and souvenirs are available for sale in almost any decent toy store in US. But if you think Iron Man exists only as the ultra-macho/masculine hero, think again. The picture you see above although also is of Iron Man (yes, seriously!), does have its own prominent uber-cute touch.

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