Shuttl Dockable Wallet manages cash and cards accordingly, whether you want to carry less or more

shuttl dockable wallet system 1

When we think of carrying cash or cards, a compact solution is what we look for. While on certain days we seem to be doing fine with only a few of our cards in our wallet, at other times it becomes a necessary to carry around the whole bunch we have. Thus Shuttl was designed keeping this in mind, to help you in both situations, be the load lighter or heavier.

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Metal gold in different colors? That just might be possible!


You already know about rose gold and white gold. But think of gold in colors like green, red or blue. Could it happen? Researchers at the University of Southampton, UK have developed a procedure that enables human beings to visualize gold in different hues without the use of color or any chemical methods. Learn how?

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Peelback Street Furniture concept is visually fascinating

Do you feel excited about opening up a wrapped present or may be to know what’s printed beneath a scratch card? In general we all do feel great about this little joys of life that results in rapidly building up the curiosity factor, before in a matter of seconds the unknown gets revealed.

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Meet the ‘Code Club’ in UK that inspires school kids to learn and enjoy coding!

Wouldn’t you be interested to know why inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee supports the ‘Code Club‘? Also why  personalities like Niklas Zennström [Skype, Kazaa], Chad Hurley [YouTube] and many others are fascinated by the cause of the ‘Code Club’? As of now you might be actually wondering what is ‘Code Club’? Want to know? Then read on.

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Identity of ‘Banksy’ to be revealed via eBay?

Sometimes quite a few interesting things show up in eBay for auction, and this is no exception. Currently, there is an ongoing bid to reveal the true identity of the famous graffiti artist and political activist, “Banksy”. He is from UK, and no one really knows his true identity yet…well, until now. The current bid is at $999,999.

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