The Texas shaped House!


The map of the USA has been an inspiration to many ideas. There was a Jell-O map, a bookshelf and even skillets to make all state shaped delicacies. But how about an entire house that happens to resemble a state of the USA? Believe it or not, a Texas shaped house exists! For those who want to compare here’s a map for your convenience.

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Amazing carpet design inspired by satellite images of farm land stretches

These days we can find various websites that have collections of aerial views of vast stretches of land on the earth. Not only these photographs feature amazing natural formations but you might also come across man-made large-scale farmland stretches. If you have seen those then you probably know how colorful they look. Inspired by such awesome views, designer Florian Pucher has created these lovely vibrant carpets to be used as floor coverings for our rooms.

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