USB Speakwood series of speakers, a true collection of simple ideas united

usb speakwood speakers

What you see above is a simple USB wooden heart speakers. Part of the USB SpeakWood Series from Gadget4all, this speaker can be a cute gift for someone, especially considering that Valentine’s day is almost here. The USB SpeakWood Series has several other models. They are Cannon, Look, Butterfly and Motorcycle. “Enjoy your music with this lovely wooden speaker! Specially designed with high quality of sound, it is also a great decoration on your desk.”

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24-Port USB Hub will probably be more than enough you will ever need

How many USB devices do you have at home? Most people will probably have a few thumb drives. But have you ever thought of connecting them all into one USB hub? Check out this Super USB 24-Port Hub. Crazy as it sounds, the gadget literally allows you to connect upto 24 USB devices at one time. To make sure you don’t overload your computer power supply, it also comes with a handy AC adapter.

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Store your sweet memories and messages in the Chocolate flash drive

chocolate bar flash drive

It has been quite a long time that we discussed about any flash drive with a crazy design. This time it isn’t that crazy but no doubt mouthwatering! From calculators to mouse to pillows, the chocolate bar design was just everywhere, so it isn’t that surprising to have a USB flash drive in that form as well.

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Correct your posture in front of screen with USB Vision and Posture Alert Reminder


It’s a known fact that long hours in front of the computer tends people to develop either one or the more physical problems. When immersed into loads of work people get reluctant with their own health and such issues eventually take a back seat. Hence here’s a gadget that will alert you to correct your vision and posture with flashing LEDs while working in front of the screen.

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Reminders get digital with Digital Video Fridge Magnet


To sum up there were a lot of interesting looking magnets [ cell, iPhoneicons, Mario] which could be used to decorate surfaces like the fridge door or even hold up little paper notes [like rocking switch]. So when this combination of magnets and messages goes digital it results in a Digital Video Fridge Magnet, that is capable of displaying recorded messages with just a push of a button.

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