‘Light goes on’: Follow a light-painted skeleton on its journey


Check out this amazing video of a skeleton and its activities, made using the fascinating art of light-painting! The video is titled Light Goes On and features art created by Darren Pearson. The thought projected through it is ” You’re never too old to skateboard.”

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Meet Ulo, the cute home monitoring Owl


This little owl is called Ulo. It has been designed to be a proactive entity, primarily monitoring activities in your home when required. What makes it so endearing is its ability to communicate using different eye expressions, as if it were a real bird. Watch the video and you will see how it is able to bond with the user instantly!

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Sponsored Video: Watch how GoCam feat. aBubbl™ lets you click photos with a simple hand gesture!

Snapping pictures digitally and sharing them with our friends and family have become an integral part of our social life. While there are ample options to do so, we look for the fastest, easiest and above all a reliable process for our photo sharing needs. With GoCam feat. aBubbl™, the game changes altogether because with it, you go all ‘touchless’!

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YouTube may introduce low-bandwidth 4K videos soon


It is being rumored that Google’s YouTube may introduce low-bandwidth 4K videos next week, and may demo it in the upcoming CES. Thanks to Google’s own VP9 codec which will be the backbone of this awesome technology. Streaming 4K videos is still not very practical, expecially with bandwidth caps and low network speeds around.

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Madison, the beautiful video eyewear from Novero

Most video eye-wears you will come across aren’t too sleek in design. However, things look different for Novero Madison. The beautiful and clean looking eyewear features two OLED displays, and an easy-to-use hassle-free remote. The device is supposed to give you the same experience as that of a 30-inch HDTV from a 6 feet distance.

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