Captain America’s Shield turns into Wall Smashing Night Light

captain america shield wall light 1

Oops! Looks like someone had his wall shattered by Captain America’s shield! Would you like to have the same done to your room as well? Then you need to look at the awesome set of 3D Deco Superhero Wall Lights!

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A quick look at the world’s tallest climbing wall

No, this isn’t any “Photoshopped” image. This thing is as real as you and me. At 121 feet (in height), the “Excalibur” is the world’s tallest climbing wall. It is located at the Bjoeks Climb Center in Groningen (Netherlands). Of course, there may be other taller structures around, but they do not quite qualify as a climbing wall.

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Create the right Mood for your room using Change It!

There are times when we feel like changing the look of our home interiors, especially the drawing room, where we entertain our guests. May be some new additions here and there or going with a particular color theme could be effective enough, but what would it be like if you could change the background as you wished to?

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