Decadent Minimalist One Wallet, a compact solution for carrying your cards

decadent minimalist one wallet 1

Looking for a simple wallet that hold your cards [credit cards, key card, id] in one place without the additional bulk or bulge? Meet the Decadent Minimalist One; a wallet that’s built out of a single aluminum piece designed to hold 8 of your cards securely.

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Billetus, the compact carbon fiber billet wallet that’s comfortable to carry around


Talk about having a fat wallet… now who doesn’t like to enjoy one! But literally when you think of a ‘fat wallet’, the situation is not welcome though. So meet Billetus, a lightweight metal wallet that takes a new approach in letting you carry your funds around comfortably.

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Peanut Butter and Jam Wallet, a mouth watering illusion that needs to stay in the pocket

The picture is definitely hard to trust.  The wallet has an awesome “bread-y” looks. It took quite sometime for me to figure it out from the other pictures. Not only this wallet has a bread looking exterior but it also has the inner surfaces smeared with peanut butter and jam respectively, making it very edible to look at. Just make sure that you don’t try to take a bite!

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