Iota, the folding toilet that curbs water wastage


Utilization of restricted living areas generally comes with solutions in the form of collapsible furniture forms. While we have come across many ideas that happen to work wonders for small spaces; there were only a few thoughts set aside for the bathroom. Iota is one such example that explores the idea of saving space with the use of a folding toilet system.

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Water Roll is designed to transport water across remote regions


At places where there is scarcity of water, women are required to travel far to bring home water for their daily needs. Keeping in mind such scenarios, Water Roll was designed; so that it could simplify the way water could be collected, transported and used thereafter.

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Under the sea allows curious children to explore the waters from above

Children show interest in a lot of things. The problem arises when it involves dangerous scenarios. For example they just might want to know what lies under the water when they go swimming. Under The Sea makes it easy for them to explore the waters in those situations.

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