Goodbye Zune!

We saw this coming, everyone did. After years of poor sales, Microsoft finally announced that the company will no longer be manufacturing its Zune media player. Instead the company will focus on its Windows Phone 7 software. Analysts believe that this is actually a smart move from Microsoft. The company needs to focus more on its mobile platform/OS in order to compete with Apple and Google.

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Why Zune HD may be a true iPod Touch killer?

zune hd

Not that I am a hardcore Microsoft fanboy or an Apple hater, it’s just that something tells me Redmond may have finally got it right. iPhone Touch 3rd gen is a superb device in its own way. It may have everything a portable gaming device may need. But after Microsoft’s promotional video for Zune HD, it seems that the next Zune will also support 3D gaming big time.

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Zune HD breaks the speed barrier with NVIDIA Tegra processor


The multimedia segment of the upcoming Microsoft Zune HD is powered by NVIDIA Tegra processor. Also, the device includes atleast 8 separate processors dedicated for individual tasks. Just to give you a hint, “among them are an HD video processor, an audio processor, a graphics processor and two ARM cores.” That’s not all, the processors can work independently or collectively based on the power consumption settings.

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Zune HD strikes, impresses the critics


Zune  HD has been one of the most anticipated media player of this year. But is it worth the wait? CNET says yes. The device has a super sharp 3.3 inch capacitive OLED screen covered with pure glass. It also has an elegant body which feels very solid and has an excellent built. As the name suggests Zune HD supports 720p video content, taking viewing experience to a whole new level.

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